Living Room

Living room is this special place in your home, where you rest after a hard, tiring day. It is also used as an entertainment space for you as well as with your family or friends.  It can be arranged as a separate space or an open area looking to the kitchen and dining and dressed in many styles, from classical to the most contemporary. Sofas are the most functional and desired pieces of furniture, regardless whether the living room is small or large. For the smaller spaces, you may choose sofas with sleeping solutions (sofabeds) which are extremely practical, especially when you have staying over guests. A charming coffee table and comfy armchair will accompany your sofa well. While arranging your living room, we shall not forget about other pieces of furniture, such as TV stands, console tables and buffets, which can be selected separately, or as an entire furniture collection.


Every bedroom, large or small, should be equipped with comfortable furniture. After all, this is the room where your day starts and finishes, where you recharge your batteries for the next day, calm down and relax to eventually drift in the world of dreams. It is important to furnish it with a quality bed with comfortable and well fitted mattress, which will ensure good night sleep. To complete your bedroom interior, you can place attractive and functional nightstands, dressers and a large wardrobe that act as a perfect storage for items not used at a moment. You can mix and match between endless colors, shapes and sizes options or simply go with unified bedroom sets.


The tradition of friends and family gatherings around the table is constantly present in our culture, thus the dining room is a joyful place where numerous conversations are exchanged, and memories are created or reborn. Tables and chairs are still furniture that gather all members of the household – every day and on special occasions. A table with chairs is, therefore, a centerpiece of the dining room. Tables are available in variety of shapes and sizes, however the latest trends are the contemporary wooden tables and chairs made of wood or metal and covered with colorful fabrics. Such combination suits well almost any arrangement and creates a beautiful dining interior.