Cooking is easy and enjoyable when you have the right equipment. Make sure to measure the ingredients accurately with our kitchen scales, so that your meals recipes are well executed, and nothing is less or more. Get pans and pots for those perfectly prepared meals and any accessories that will significantly facilitate the cooking process. Enjoy cooking on your own or with your loved ones, every day and o those big days.


The tradition of friends and family gatherings around the table is constantly present in our culture, thus the dining room is a joyful place where numerous conversations are exchanged, and memories are created or reborn. Tables and chairs are still furniture that gather all members of the household – every day and on special occasions. A table with chairs is, therefore, a centerpiece of the dining room. Tables are available in variety of shapes and sizes, however the latest trends are the contemporary wooden tables and chairs made of wood or metal and covered with colorful fabrics. Such combination suits well almost any arrangement and creates a beautiful dining interior.


Cyprus is known for its fantastic weather, thus make the most of it and enjoy the outdoors! At Four Day Clearance you can find a selection of stylish lounge sets where you can get yourself comfy on a sofa and enjoy the warmth on your balcony, terrace or in your garden. You can also spend the time actively, enjoying bbq with family and friends and dinig at the outdoor dining sets. If your space is really small, make the most of it and just get a couple of plastic chairs that can be easily piled for storage and still enjoy the beautiful weather outside.