Activity Room

Investing in gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and spin bikes for your home gym can be a game-changer in your fitness journey. Treadmills offer versatile cardio workouts and customizable intensity levels, while ellipticals provide low-impact options that are gentle on joints yet effective in burning calories. Spin bikes offer a convenient way to improve cardiovascular health and leg strength. On the other hand, recreational activities like billiards and soccer tables can add an element of fun and social interaction to your home space. Engaging in games like billiards enhances hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking, while soccer tables provide an exciting way to improve reflexes and team spirit. Combining these elements creates a well-rounded home environment that caters to both fitness and leisure needs.


Cyprus is known for its fantastic weather, thus make the most of it and enjoy the outdoors! At Four Day Clearance you can find a selection of stylish lounge sets where you can get yourself comfy on a sofa and enjoy the warmth on your balcony, terrace or in your garden. You can also spend the time actively, enjoying bbq with family and friends and dinig at the outdoor dining sets. If your space is really small, make the most of it and just get a couple of plastic chairs that can be easily piled for storage and still enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

Living Room

Living room is this special place in your home, where you rest after a hard, tiring day. It is also used as an entertainment space for you as well as with your family or friends.  It can be arranged as a separate space or an open area looking to the kitchen and dining and dressed in many styles, from classical to the most contemporary. Sofas are the most functional and desired pieces of furniture, regardless whether the living room is small or large. For the smaller spaces, you may choose sofas with sleeping solutions (sofabeds) which are extremely practical, especially when you have staying over guests. A charming coffee table and comfy armchair will accompany your sofa well. While arranging your living room, we shall not forget about other pieces of furniture, such as TV stands, console tables and buffets, which can be selected separately, or as an entire furniture collection.