Member of Mallouppas & Papacostas Group of companies, one of the biggest Trading Groups in Cyprus.

The Group, established in 1978 as a small-scale partnership to promote the retail sale of home appliances, antennae and electrical goods, has successfully evolved in the last 30 years into a diverse organisation representing world acclaimed fashion brands, indoor and outdoor furniture, household, electrical & electronic goods, and the distribution of satellite products.

The fashion retail side of our network currently consists of more than 40 stores in key commercial locations across Cyprus and ensures optimum product-promotion and access to a wide public.

The Group’s distribution network for Satellite consists of over 150 dealers and resellers across Cyprus.

The FOUR DAY CLEARANCE started out in 1997 as a small operation clearing out once a year the Group’ stocks from other operations related to sportswear, school bags, watches and other gift items and outdoor furniture.

Today, the FOUR DAY CLEARANCE operates 7-8 CLEARANCEs in any given year (on average every 8-10 weeks) and sells indoor and outdoor furniture, household, electrical appliances and a large variety of other products at very competitive prices.

Now, online purchases are available at FOUR DAY CLEARANCE website.